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Signatures Collected For Petition To Save Manistee Thrift Store.

The latest news from Northern Michigan reveals a petition that is going around the city collecting signatures to save Manistee Thrift Shop. The popular thrift store has stirred up lots of commotion within the community. Many people in the city visit the thrift store on a regular basis. It is a small thrift store that is actually a branch of The Salvation Army. This organization employs workers who have difficulty getting a job in other industries. They offer help for the homeless and provide thrift items at discount prices. Thrift shopping is also popular with the local teens who enjoy wearing vintage clothing items.

The thrift store in question has been in the local community for the past 40 years. Hundreds of people depend on their services and goods. Many people who rely on social security and other government programs shop here to save money. The thrift store has been featured on the local news. Only time will tell if the thrift store will survive. You can find furniture, electronic devices and household goods at thrift stores. They often reduce the price of items further if they don’t sell within the first few weeks. Thrift store shopping should only gain in popularity in the coming years.