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Local Towns Petitioning To Save Thrift Store In Manistee.

Many local towns are fighting to save a local thrift store in Manistee, Michigan. The thrift store slated to close is a branch of the Salvation Army Family Store. Large petitions with other 200 names have been submitted to the Salvation Army’s corporate office with requests not to close this particular branch. The thrift store has been part of Manistee’s community for around forty years; in the downed economy many people have been relying on the discounted second hand goods to survive. The unemployment rate and the number of individuals solely on Social Security income are higher than the national average.Additional information can be found at Salvation Army has decided that the store is unprofitable. It is unclear at this point whether the petitions will have an effect on the closure of the store. The townspeople are hoping the Salvation Army corporate offices will rethink their intention of closing the store. However, it is a possibility that the thrift store will close as scheduled.