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How Is The Police Handling The Case Everett Robinson.

In Roscommon County, Michigan, the manhunt for Everett Robinson finally came to an end. Police reported that Robinson was found around 6:47 am near Railroad Grade in the Nester Township. Robinson was located by a K-9 Unit that picked up his scent previously. Robinson was located in an elevated deer blind. The Emergency Support Team forcibly opened the door and found Robinson who surrendered without any resistance.

Robinson was reported as being dehydrated, cuts on a great deal of his body and dirty. He received medical treatment for dysentery as well. The police stated that Robinson obviously laid in a watery swamp for 2 days. The Michigan Police stated that Robinson broke into at least three deer blinds, one cabin and a travel trailer. The handgun stolen from the Arenac deputy earlier was recovered. Robinson is also a suspect in other cases of breaking and entering and thief.

Robinson had been on the run for a week. More than 100 enforcement officers were in the manhunt for Robinson’s capture. Headquarters was set up by police very close to the area where Robinson had escaped. Robinson was captured around 4 miles from the area.

Robinson is out of the hospital and incarcerated in the Roscommon County jail.