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Current Leads In The Manhunt For Everett Robinson.

The emotional rollercoaster Roscommon county residents having been riding has now finally ended. They are now feeling breathing easier and feeling far more secure since fugitive Everett Robinson was recaptured by police on May 29, 2012 after a week of playing hide and seek with police. Several anonymous witness tips lead police to discover him hiding in a densely wooded area.

Police agencies and Roscommon county citizens had remained on high alert since May 14 when Everett Robinson’s hasty escape from police during a jail transport led to an extensive weeklong manhunt for his recapture. Robinson overwhelmed a deputy then took his cellular phone, gun and the police cruiser racing off towards Houghton Lake. State Police released few details but did state that Robinson was discovered hiding in a camouflaged deer blind in Nestor Township.

He was immediately arraigned in court on eight felony counts including assault and battery, armed robbery, carjacking and absconding. The original charge of a home invasion is still being pursued. The judge instantly denied bail and bond when prosecutors successfully cited Everett Robinson as a flight risk after his little wilderness adventure. He is currently detained in at the Roscommon County jail where he is looking at a very lengthy incarceration.