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Roscommon County Residents Are Still Terrified; Local Police Searching.

Terrified Roscommon County Residents can now sleep a little better in their homes. As of May 30th, Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department apprehended escaped fugitive Everett Robinson. During transport on May 21, 2012, Robinson had apprehended the officer’s gun and handcuffs, fleeing from facing jail time.

Local county police departments have been searching the woods for the last week straight, working twelve hour shifts in a rather harsh environment. Neighboring communities have been supportive in the efforts of capturing Robinson, aiding in the search.

Robinson had been in prison for 9 years, charged on sexual misconduct prior to being released. Prior to escaping custody, Robinson had been charged with armed robbery and carjacking. Now he faces escape charges as well.

Police had been searching the woods located near Robinson’s escape. After a week, they found him sleeping inside a deer blind twenty-four miles from his escape. Apparently Robinson had been breaking and entering hunting cabins to obtain food and clothing. Robinson did not try to escape the officers this time. He will be treated at the local county hospital for evaluation prior to being taken back to the county jail. Police thank everyone participating in Robinson’s capture.